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See below for full Event Description and Details

May 6, 2017 – Dr. Eric Pearl in Romania


See below for full Event Description and Details


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1 PM – 3 PM (GMT+3) 

Participate in this exciting presentation May 6, 2017 and you will experience the reality of contact with Reconnective frequencies in a way that you can embed in your life forever.

Secure your place at the presentation and find out why the medical community amazes Reconnective Healing, you will discover why hospitals and universities around the world are investing time and money in an attempt to explain this kind of healing.
And more important than anything else, you’ll learn how you can learn to work with frequencies you reconnect to heal yourself and heal and others!

Eric will tell his remarkable story about Reconnective Healing and make demonstrations of healing to audiences using volunteers from the audience. Make sure you’ll be there too!

Here you can see the invitation that did Eric all Romanians who want to become Reconnective Healing practitioners.
Eric Pearl – limited and unlimited human experience

you gain if you attend: you’ll learn about new cases amazing healing and how can you be an active participant in this miracle of healing is working with Reconnective frequencies.
You will learn what you can do to heal yourself and your loved ones, how to be useful to others and how you can contribute to the world in a meaningful way, as a practitioner.

What say other participants encounter with dr. Eric Pearl and Reconnective frequencies:

  1. “It was unexpected, magnificent. I determined on to want to go further, I decided to enter more in this space, I want to evolve to go down this road. (Julia Loredana Cojocaru – Ploiesti)
  2. “What attracted me first to Reconnect was that no matter how this energy works and its effects feel both during the meeting and after it a long time. It is a process that does not require our intervention, only contact with this energy. Our presence is enough to initiate the process and the results are unexpected. “(EM Bucharest, 27)

From experience, Andra Ivanov, promoter of programs reconnection of 2007, practitioner of Reconnective Healing, Reconnection, instructor associate at The Reconnection will ensure that this conference is an opportunity worth exploited by those who want to be informed about how Reconnective frequencies work and discover their history by dr. Eric Pearl.

Use this outstanding opportunity and book your place at the conference on May 6, 2017
to be held at Hotel Pullman Bucharest – World Trade Center (former Sofitel) Montreal Square. 10, Bucharest, postal code 011469, room Plaza as follows:
13.00 for attending conference held by dr. Eric Pearl (access in the conference room is available from 11:00)

Language: Consecutive translation, Romanian.

Event Name:
Dr. Eric Pearl in Romania
Event Instructor:
Dr. Eric Pearl
Event Local Price:
85 RON
Event Venue Name:
Hotel Pullman Bucharest - World Trade Center
Event Venue Address:
Montreal Square. 10, Bucharest, postal code 011469, room Plaza
Event Location:
Bucharest, Romania

English Romanian

Local Contacts

Andra Ivanov
+40 723 694 584
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