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The Mentor Entry Qualification program provides you with the training necessary to become a successful Reconnection-Certified Mentor in order to be able to coach other practitioners. Pre-requisites require that you are a Foundational plus Reconnection-Certified Practitioner and have completed 9 Reconnections.

This class begins the full day prior to a Level I training program on Thursday from 9am – 6pm and will continue through the actual training programs and conclude at 6pm on the Wednesday after a Level II. Internship training continues by attendance in future training programs.

All teaching and homework is in English, therefore all students are required to have good English skills. Graduation requirements also include the completion of 25 Reconnections through your own practice.

The journey could take 3 training programs or more, therefore completion depends upon each individual as far as the timing it takes to graduate, yet once completed, you will have the tools to help others build their practices as well as your own. You will also have the opportunity to submit your interest as a teaching assistant in one to three training programs throughout the year.

To show your interest in this program or request more details, please contact our Team Director, Pat Atanas by writing to

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