Reconnective Healing Online Level I Course

The Essentials of Reconnective Healing

8 captivating online hours of content and one-on-one interaction with Dr. Eric Pearl

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The Reconnective Healing (RH) Frequencies can be accessed from anywhere – they exist within and around you, not in a particular place. We can feel, and become entrained with, these frequencies both in person and over great distances – through hearing, reading, and seeing them in action. They are transmitted kinesthetically via sight and sound. This makes today’s media-rich environment the perfect place to learn and teach one another The Essentials of Reconnective Healing.

For years, we’ve held the Level I in person because we see the powerful value of a live group experience. Yet today’s digital technology has greatly expanded the way we interact and bond with one another! Reconnective Healing is evolving with the times, as all great practices should. By now offering Online Level I, you have the opportunity to access and learn this work at a much more affordable price! Take a few moments every day toward your own life progress and healing. If you have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you can begin the journey to heal yourself and others.

While the Online Level I RH Training Program is an intimate and dynamic e-Learning experience with Eric, it also lets you work at your own pace… and it opens up new possibilities to interact with the material you learn and with your fellow students across the globe. The digital-social interface we’re creating will allow for in-depth discussion forums, more time for Q&A, learning at your own pace, and all with the convenience of being able to access your lessons at home, in your office, in a waiting room, or at a café. In Level I, you will learn how to feel, follow, connect and interact with the RH frequencies, the all-encompassing spectrum of Energy, Light & Information®. And, Level I will make you eligible to go forward to a Level II Live experience with Dr. Eric Pearl and the Teaching Team when they come to a city or country near you.

Online Level I is an eight-part customized training program that will introduce you to the fullness of Reconnective Healing – a new and evolved level of health, balance and human potential that requires no complicated techniques or rituals.. Unique in its content, the Online Level I Course is valuable for both the novice and the advanced practitioner. As a newcomer, you will discover how to immediately access these new frequencies of healing. As a foundational practitioner, you may find that revisiting the work will give you an “elusive jump” that will make all the difference in your work.

Together we will cover topics and modules, including:

  • Learn to Listen with a New Part of Our Selves
  • Entrain with the Frequencies
  • Understand the Science of Reconnective Healing
  • Challenging Beliefs, Perceptions & Expectations
  • Healing and the Future of Healthcare, including Life Progress
  • Learn to Feel/Listen for the Frequencies
  • Wisdom and Reconnecting our Lives

With Online Level I, you’ll engage in these interactive modules as well as hear from Dr. Eric Pearl in a one-on-one private setting – about his personal journey, the community you are joining, and his upcoming new book on Reconnective Healing and reclaiming your wholeness. As Level I Online students, you will see and hear material that have not yet been shared before in any forum, and your input will shape the way these concepts are shared with the world.

Upon successful completion of this training program, you will be eligible to attend the Live Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Program.
No Refund/Cancellation/Postponement Policy for Registrations

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Online Level I Course + In-Person Level II: Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Training Program

Learn to heal others while you heal yourself! Dive into the practical work of Reconnective Healing. After you complete your Online Level I and your In-Person Level II, you are eligible to become a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. You’ll have the opportunity to be listed in our official Practitioners Directory, and if you want to open your own practice, you’ll have The Reconnection LLC’s marketing team to back you up!


(Online Essential & Live Immersion)

September 22–24



Feb. 16 – 18, 2018

MARCH 2 – 4, 2018


About Reconnective Healing

A global paradigm shift is underway as both the scientific and spiritual communities reunite in a unified view of our place within the universe. This is a perspective that affirms our interconnection with one another, and our capacity to transcend the illusory boundaries of time and space itself. Reconnective Healing is providing an unprecedented, accessible bridge from our once limited physical or “local” experience of our existence, to a much more expansive, “non-local” reality in which all things are possible. It is a doorway through which we can return to the fullness of who we really are, and experience true Life Progress!

Now you can join the growing number of people across the planet and wake up to the reality of your unlimited human potential as you explore Reconnective Healing! For the very first time, an interactive, multimedia, online training experience is available to allow you to explore Reconnective Healing from the comfort of your home, while working at your own pace. Discover for yourself the elegant simplicity of Reconnective Healing… while you deepen your understanding of the history, science, and application of this work for personal and global transformation. This is your opportunity to redefine and challenge traditional beliefs about healing and humanity, as you learn to listen with a new part of yourself.

Register today. Begin your journey into a new reality and set your new path for Life Progress!

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